Tiger Translate

Tiger Translate is a global platform which provides emerging Asian artists with the unique opportunity to engage in creative exchanges and collaborations with international artists. Conceived with a gesamtkunswerk (total synthesis of the arts) approach by joao and Readymade Projects, the event featured a site-specific collaborative project between art-design collective Surface To Air (New York), lighting designer James Clar (New York) and three artists selected from the MERGE themed showcase- illustrator/designer Kuanth (Singapore), product designer Stephen Lau (Malaysia) and photographer Jing (Singapore). Aimed at fusing art, design and music as a singular, unified experience, Tiger Translate also presented an equally diverse music line-up featuring the New York debut of Cologne-based producer musician Burnt Friedman, tabla artist Suphala (New York) and producer Taylor McFerrin (New York). Guest DJs for the nite were the inimitable duo A Touch of Class (New York). To highlight the importance of initiating dialogue surrounding the artistic process, we hosted a closed-door “Creative-Exchange Session” of ideas and culture prior to the event.

Selected Projects