Zephyr Doles

Selections by Zephyr Doles

Recess is always best when taken outside. A mix that's both familiar and fresh, just like the sun greeting your skin as the air starts to heat up. If that magical twilight between spring and summer could sound have a playlist, these are some of the tracks that would be in mine.


  1. HNNY - Fresh Laundry
  2. Tweet - Boogie 2 Nite
  3. Stevie Wonder - As (whiskey barons rework)
  4. James Brown - I Feel Good (El. Train Remix)
  5. George Benson - Give Me The Night (Kon's Edit)
  6. Michael Jackson - I Can't Help It (Tango Terje Remix)
  7. Brief Encounter - Human Nature (The Players Union Edit)
  8. Alice Smith - Love Endeavor (Maurice Fulton Mix)
  9. The Spinners - I'll Be Around (Lac's Edit)
  10. Darkest Pumpkin - Let It Be
  11. Sherrick - Just Call
  12. THATMANMONKZ - Make It Now
  13. George Duke - I Want You For Myself