Selections by Yellowtail

Almost everything I do to give myself a bit of RECESS time is music related. Whether I'm hunkering down in my bedroom studio to whip out a new track, slapping together a mixtape or curating the latest releases on our mp3 download shop, I find that music allows me to effortlessly keep my mind off my mind. Here's a mixtape I imagine is what the last 30 mins of my deejay set at a Prom might sound like. Enjoy.


  1. Rough Fields - Manila
  2. Kathryn Williams - In A Broken Dream
  3. Lapalux - Quick Kiss
  4. Darkstar - Dear Heartbeat
  5. Royalty - Eroica featuring Kissey
  6. College - Can You Kiss Me First
  7. Bullion - Crazy Over You
  8. The Chemical Brothers - One Too Many Mornings
  9. Blossom Dearie - Manhattan