Tyler Askew

Selections by Tyler Askew

Ever since I discovered his seminal album 'Child's View' in 1994, I have been a huge fan of Nobukazu Takemura (DJ Takemura) and the scene that developed around him in mid-90s Japan with labels like Bellissima!, Idyllic and Toy's Factory. There was a full on collision of influences from around the world, ranging from hip-hop and jazz to dub, Brasilian, drum&bass and more. What resulted was a special moment in time — here's just a taste.


01 Nobukazu Takemura / Crescent (Ninja Logical Remix)
02 Silent Poets / Going Home (Child's View Mix)
03 Silent Poets / Shalom
04 Spiritual Vibes / Scheme Supreme
05 Nobukazu Takemura / Science Fiction (Menelik's Rap Mix)
06 Silent Poets / Le Possédé
07 Nobukazu Takemura / Let My Fish Loose (Aphex Twin Mix)
08 Nobukazu Takemura / Searching (Roni Size Remix)