Selections by TomasMoves

These selections served as portals to finding myself in life as well as on the dancefloor and onto the turntables. My earliest memories of dance were influenced by my mom and my older cousins who would come over to visit to warm up before they'd hit the disco that night. Watching them fueled my fantasies as a child to hit the dancefloor someday. These days RECESS is my choice of living out that dream with every funky beat.


  1. Eminence Front - The Who
  2. Funky Sensation - Gwen McRae
  3. Brothers on the Slide - Cymande
  4. Changes (Larry Levan Mix) - Imagination
  5. Off My Mind - Moon Boots
  6. Search to Find the One - Unlimited Touch
  7. I'll Do Anything for You - Denroy Morgan
  8. Try Jah Love - Third World
  9. Thousand Finger Man (Louie Vega EOL rework) - Candido