Tetsuro Mise

Selections by Tetsuro Mise

Recess is to say hi to a stranger. Minimize my key chain. Drive the car for 5 hours. To be alone to pioneer the area unknown myself. Vacate from where I am used to. Defragment my brain and body.


  1. Barry Biggs - My Cherie Amour
  2. Derrick Harriott - Go Away Dream
  3. Shirley Nanette - Sometimes
  4. Beat Spacek - Tonight
  5. RAHJ - I've Got Love
  6. Snoop Dogg - Gangstas Don't Live That Long
  7. Charli XCX - You Mu Ha Ha Ho (Lindstrom remix)
  8. Billy Griffin - Hold Me Tighter In the Rain
  9. Motion - Walk On By