Taka Anai

Selections by Taka Anai

Growing up in Japan, during RECESS, I would venture off to a hill behind my school and create a secret fort with my friends. We brought a boombox with us, blasting music while we played. The pleasure and excitement from a RECESS has not changed. It gives me a chance to refresh and recharge from my busy life in New York. I take the opportunity to go to places I've never been, local and global. And wherever I end up, music is still blasting from my headphones.


  1. Mahya - Ichiaku no Suna
  2. Nishiazabu 2000 - Tuesday Heartbreak
  3. Yoshitaka Minami - Midnight Love Call
  4. Yuko Ando - Life
  5. Small Circle of Friends - Comin' Home Baby
  6. Marter - This World
  7. Cro-Magnon - Black Mahogani (Moodymann cover)
  8. Kez Ym - Pepe