Small Change

Selections by Small Change

RECESS is a SCAM ppl!! Its Khairi's ponzi scheme to get everyone else to do mixes for him. Dude is worse than Madoff. We're all grinding while dude is sipping on guava margarita in Guam. Who's RECESS is this? Who's on vacation here?! I keed I keed. Great idea for a series, very glad to be a part of it. I threw together a set of 45s, mostly soul on the deeper side, with a few variations at the end. Music I love, and still love 20 years down the road. Enjoy ppls!


  1. Barbara and Ernie - Play with Fire
  2. Rene Costy - Scrabble
  3. Jo Ann Garrett - Just Say When
  4. True Movement - Depression
  5. Great Expectations - Welcome To The World (Part 1)
  6. 5 Miles Out - Super Sweet Girl of Mine
  7. TnT Band - The Meditation
  8. The Chimes - The Beginning of My Life
  9. Notations - Superpeople
  10. Sly, Slick and Wicked - Sho' Nuff
  11. The Sylvers - Fools Paradise
  12. The United Four - Go On
  13. Vierzehn - Stein Um Stein
  14. The Selecter - The Selecter