Quoc Pham

Selections by Quoc Pham

Below 90 or 100 Hz, bass becomes more of a physical thing. It vibrates specific organs. It vibrates our bones. It causes minor molecular rearrangement, and that is what makes it so potent as a force in dance music. The molecular vibration caused by bass is what gives dance music its power. It is what makes dance music so pleasurable to hear through a proper soundsystem - Tony Andrews, Funktion-One Founder


  1. Brentford Rockers - Unknown Horns
  2. Sylford Walker - Babylonians (Double Tiger Refix)
  3. The Heptones - Get Up Chant
  4. Burning Spear - Jordan River
  5. Dennis Brown - Do I Worry
  6. DJ Madd - Judgement Time
  7. O.B.F - Mandela feat. Mr Williamz
  8. Gorgon Sound - Dread
  9. The Bug - Poison Dart feat. Warrior Queen
  10. Tour de Force - The Traveler (Step-Art Remix)