Qool DJ Marv

Selections by Qool DJ Marv

Here I am
marooned in my façade of skin and blood

Summoning comprehension
mustn’t allow apprehension of vision

Taking intermissions, going inner-mission
envisioning expanding the giving

Of your self, further horizons
blessed son, equipoise over pose

I dream I float I am discovering
whether or not it is fair, it is mine


  1. Five Seasons - Marooned
  2. Adam Hurst - Summoning
  3. Schiller - Gymnopédie No.1 [Feat. Hélène Grimaud]
  4. Stevie Wonder - Feeding Off The Love Of The Land
  5. Garth Stevenson - Horizon
  6. Matt Stewart - EvansOpus #24
  7. Chet Baker & Herbie Hancock - Fair Weather
  8. Jody Redhage - I Dreamed I Was Floating
  9. Outside - The First Discovery