Prince Language

Selections by Prince Language

Unnoticed, dimly lit, there is an ambush ahead in the frontier wilderness of forest and people. The ambush is called "reality." Destination unknown, we merrily chase wraiths and specters. Land of the time-warp.

John Fahey- "How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My Life"


  1. 4 Belgians - Do You Write, Call 'Em?
  2. Observe Her Breast - Kaftan Be Hard
  3. 4 Hour Whoring - P. On Williams
  4. Womb Touch - Beer On
  5. Never On Her Back - Sheet Wood Crack
  6. Lick Man - Even Hairy Ones
  7. Keep On Coming, You - Wall and Bones
  8. Creams & Fastings - Nelson Rogers