Selections by Noshek

Good Kid roams the streets of Berlin, bearing witness to its many comings and goings. He strives to capture the traces of a fading essence. Only then does he realize that his mission is a mirror, and any attempt to determine the identity of the city is inextricably linked with finding his own.


  1. K*Saba & Christoph El Truento - Cosmic Compositions ***
  2. Sol Monk - Catch Your Tears
  3. Karriem Riggens - Suite Poetry (feat. Jessica Care Moore) & 4E's J
  4. Al Dobson Jr. - Big Bags
  5. Linkwood - Hear The Sun
  6. Marcellus Pittman - Extra Credits
  7. Leron Carson - Sof N Thik
  8. Duke - Hugh - #5
  9. Theo Parrish - Nefarious Stranger
  10. Jay Daniel - Squeaky Maya
  11. Dan Kye - Like You Wanna
  12. Kyle Hall - Wake Up And Dip

*** dedicated to Pharoah Sanders