Nico Reyes

Selections by Nico Reyes

This mix is for those hectic mornings and you catch the train right when it's pulling away. Everyone is pressed up against each other. Some are reading, some are asleep, most are miserable. A middle-aged lady is furiously plucking out her white hairs. Two men are loudly discussing how "turnt up" they got last night. It smells like morning coffee breath. You need to escape this fuckery and realize you forgot your headphones.


  1. Supa Heath - K-Def
  2. Clipped On - Blood Orange
  3. I'm a Flirt Trap (Cyral Hahn Mash Up) - UZ x R.Kelly
  4. Rainy Dayz (remix) - Raekwon + Ghostface Killah
  5. Replicants - Millionyoung
  6. My Hatin' Joint - Schoolboy Q
  7. Night Lights - Cro-Magnon
  8. Lullabies (Myles William Remix) - Yuna