Selections by Montechristo

I'm an analog man. I like the city. Sometimes I wish I were closer to the forest. Shame it's so quiet. Lately I've been wondering if it's time to move somewhere less hectic? I miss being able to breathe loudly, walk quietly and just explore places that feel like they exist solely for you. But then I hear music and realize that it doesn't live among the pines. It lives among the concrete. So I think I'll stick around. Enjoy the mix.


  1. Jon Mark & Johnny Almond - The City
  2. Nina Simone - Baltimore
  3. Stefano Torossi - Walking In The Dark
  4. Hildegard Kneff - Im 80. Stockwerk
  5. American Gypsy - Inside Out
  6. Christian Gaubert - La Petit Fille Au Bout Du Chemin - Soundtrack
  7. The Stylistics - People Make the World Go Round
  8. Harlem Pop Trotters - White Beach
  9. Melton Brothers Band - Living in the City (live version)