Matt Le-Khac

Selections by Matt Le-Khac

A wift of charcoal deliciousness, the tinny rumblings of Hondas in the distance and a chanteuse's reverb drenched voice echos out into the Mekong night. It was the moment when I finally found proudness in my culture. Or it found me. The memory imprinted then affected me more than I realized--considering how much time I spend on all three facets from that memory now, here in NY. A collection of pre-1975 songs and a kindred palette reference thrown in for good measure. Tarantino eat your heart out.


  1. Hùng Cường & Mai Lệ Huyền - Hoa Cưới Nhà Ai
  2. Hoàng Oanh - Biển Tình
  3. Phương Dung - Tà Áo Cưới
  4. Hùng Cường & Mai Lệ Huyền - The Groovy Song
  5. Thanh Tâm - CUNG ĐÀN ĐẤT NƯỚC
  6. Connie Francis - Siboney
  7. Phạm Duy - Kiếp Nào Có Yêu Nhau
  8. SRV Opera Singers - Barbeque Songs