Mark Rancourt

Selections by Mark Rancourt

As the thermometer starts to rise into three digit territory, there is an unspoken agreement that NYC unofficially takes a summer long extended RECESS. Cars, bodegas, apartments and restaurants all open their windows as wide as they can and the sounds of the city take over. Neighbors battle neighbors to show off their new favorite summer jam and the mixture is intoxicating. This quick little mix is what summer RECESS in Brooklyn sounds like to me.


  1. Summer in the City - Quincy Jones
  2. The City - Alfie Moss
  3. I Just Love You - RAMP
  4. Madame - Kenlo Craqnuques
  5. Ride Your Pony - Harry Ray
  6. Jail Bait - Fella Vaughn
  7. Red Zone Days - Beat Firm
  8. Hudson - Plastic Surgeon
  9. Not Like Me - Ski Beats (feat.Tabi Bonney)
  10. Plenty of Action - Soft Touch
  11. Cockney Translation - Smiley Culture
  12. Lick Them - Ackee
  13. Love Me For Real - Rim & Kasa
  14. I Love You! I Love you Completely - Exit 9
  15. Summertime - McNeal & Niles