Marat Berenstein

Selections by Marat Berenstein

For this intermission, we meet emerging artists whose message is love and light. Complex and frequently rejected, love eventually connects the source with its destination. We pray for stars to guide us on our music journey, as we make stops in Jamaica, LA, London, and Queens — where kites are flown and dreams are real. Safe travels, beloved.


  1. Rotana - Over You
  2. duendita - Pray
  3. Raveena - If Only
  4. dylAn - Lemons
  5. Cautious Clay - Joshua Tree
  6. A-Minor - Next To You
  7. Glassio - Daydream (feat. NAKAYA)
  8. Gabriel Garzón-Montano - The Game Remix (feat. Junglepussy)
  9. Anik Khan - Kites
  10. ZURI - Beg For It