Selections by Mamabear

Recess didn't mean much to me as a kid, because it was over quick, whatta tease! Give me the weekend, where as a babygirl I would either spend all day at the roller rink or record tapes on tapes of Theo from 92.3 The Beat LA. As a grown up, Recess is as long as I desire, and in an ideal situation includes sparkling water, aeropress and a cashmere robe.


  1. Henry Wu - Just Negotiate Ft. Simeon Jones
  2. Inkswel - She Don't Like Techno Ft. Reggie B
  3. Dreamboat - In The Dark
  4. Ugly Drums - Padkontrol
  5. Omar - Lay It Down (Andre Lodemann Remix)
  6. Social Lovers - Call Me Up
  7. Homero Espinosa - Love Say (Fred Everything Remix)
  8. HNNY - Inge e som vi e, hogt over marken