Selections by Lindsey

Smokey: Why you not goin' to work? Craig: I got fired yesterday. Smokey: No shit? I thought you had the day off yesterday. Craig: I did. I went in to pick up my check, came home, my supervisor called me about four o'clock, told me he got me on tape stealing boxes. Smokey: The fuck you stealing boxes for? What you trying to build, a clubhouse?


  1. Ilium Sphere - Sleeprunner
  2. Falcons - Vroom
  3. Chrome Sparks - Marijuana
  4. Kaytranada - Seeu Enni Way
  5. JaVonte - Supernova
  6. India Shawn - I'm Alive
  7. Faith Evans - Catching Feelings (Jeftuz Remix)
  8. Brandy - Slower
  9. Sinden - Ring Around The Moon feat. Mykki Blanco (High Klassified Remix)
  10. Cassie - All My Love (Kingdom Edit)
  11. Py - Polyethers
  12. Etta Bond x Raf Riley - Fanbabe
  13. Jhene Aiko - My Mine (Jeftuz remix)