Justin Carter

Selections by Justin Carter

Imagine a person who's just entering the world, just getting to the age where he can start to make a little sense of the things around him. It must feel like looking out into the stars or into the ocean before science.

If you put the mix on repeat, you can't tell where it stops and where it starts.


  1. The First and Last Waves
  2. Song For Our Ancestors - The Steve Miller Band
  3. More Waves
  4. Lost Horizon - Todd Rundgren
  5. The Knowledge - Vince Watson
  6. MPB (Folk Version) -Womack & Womack
  7. Electric Counterpoint III (Fast) - Steve Reich feat Pat Metheny
  8. Don't You Know - Jan Hammer edited by Jimi Bazzouka
  9. 123 Magic - Spacek
  10. Blackbird - Bobby McFerrin
  11. For Your Love - Peter Brown
  12. Myrtle Ave - Floating Points
  13. The First and Last Waves