Selections by Julio "The Whooligan" Galvez

Jazz music is a vibration, raw, sexy and inexplicably makes me feel some type of way; I listen in love, pain, glamour and joy. Jazz music nurtures my soul, she amplifies my romance and spearheads my intimacy. Jazz music is deep rooted and a constant reminder on foundation and structure, but more importantly spontaneity - a quality forever defining one's inner most beauty and uniqueness.


  1. Norman O'Connor - "Spoken Introduction to John Coltrane's Set by Father Norman O'Connor" vs Joe Pass "Giant Steps"
  2. Charles Mingus and His Jazz Groups - Song With Orange
  3. Sun Ra - Between Two Worlds
  4. Miles Davis - Lonely Fire
  5. Mulatu Astatke - Radcliffe
  6. Donald Byrd & Booker Little - Prophecy
  7. Clifford Brown and Max Roach - What Is This Thing Called Love?