Jesse Villanueva

Selections by Jesse Villanueva

I was in High School for five years, hence the extended range of 90-95. I needed an extended RECESS the first go around and luckily I got my sh*t together for the last four. My first year of High School was spent skateboarding, playing music and skipping school at my friend Kelly’s house. She happened to have a mother that worked for an airline so we could all kick it there during the day and keep each other up on everything. This is an an ode to all the women who inspired me musically during those years. Kim Deal Forever.


  1. Blake Babies- Temptation Eyes
  2. Velocity Girl- My Forgotten Favorite
  3. The Throwing Muses- Not Too Soon
  4. The Breeders- Safari
  5. Elastica- Stutter
  6. My Bloody Valentine- Only Shallow
  7. Lush- Sweetness and Light
  8. KoStars- Red Umbrella