Selections by Jennifly

I remember at around 7 yrs old, singing really loud on the bus, embarrassing my big sister who tried to shut me up. It was impossible. My burst of energy couldn't be contained. Even now I have the same energy when it comes to my music. Take a journey to this cool out mix, enjoy anywhere, anytime.


  1. Move Love (Kaytranada Edition) - Robert Glasper
  2. Furth & Myre - Letherette
  3. Vacances - Souleance
  4. This Here Music - Ty
  5. So Fine - Pomo
  6. She Sleeps (2000Black Remix) - Falty DL
  7. Vitamin C - Can
  8. Skipping Rocks - Oddisee
  9. Flowers - Andrew Ashong
  10. Boat Cruise - Thundercat