Selections by jamie-strong

In a world that's constantly turnin' up and tuning out, it's time to turn down and tune in... and that is the essence of RECESS. It's a time where you can take a break from the modern world and the constant need to be connected to likes, double taps, retweets, followers, swipes, snaps, vines, winks and so on. This playlist is about living in the moment without any distractions and letting the music take you on a journey.


  1. Erasmo Carlos - Vida Antiga
  2. Richie Havens - Younger Men Grow Older
  3. Ryley Walker - Clear The Sky
  4. Villagers - The Soul Serene
  5. Robert Lamm - A Lifetime We
  6. Nick Hakim - Papa Fritas
  7. Gossamer - Okuma
  8. Koudlam - Brother
  9. Junior Kimbrough - All Night Long
  10. The Dutch Rhythm Steel & Show Band - Down By The River