James Friedman

Selections by James Friedman

This mix was inspired by Rene Daumal's Mount Analog as well as Alejandro Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain. In addition to the generally druggy and bugged-out character of the two works, what continually draws me to them is the idea of the peradam, an object which is revealed only to those who search for it. I take comfort in the idea that out there are truths as yet unknown and beauty undiscovered, just waiting for somebody to take notice and seek them out.


  1. Ada - Seebestattung (Forthcoming, Throne of Blood)
  2. Omar S - Triangulum Australe (Original Mix)
  3. Renaissance Man - Kish Free Zone
  4. Garben Eden- Romantic Archive (Tusk Mix) (JF & MP Edit)
  5. Andy Stott - Luxury Problems
  6. Pharaohs - Island Time (JF & MP Edit)
  7. Ian Pooley - CompuRhythm (JF & MP Edit)
  8. Pantha Du Prince - Spectral Split (JF & MP Edit)