James Cooper

Selections by James Cooper

This is what 1990 London sounded like to me, all those years ago when I was 18. I was DJ-ing, throwing parties, going to Ibiza and Rimini. Traveling the world via nightclubs. All these songs are recorded from my original record collection - you'll hear the crackles. I like the crackles. Love the crackles.


  1. Dub Be Good To Me (A Capella) - Beats International
  2. Hotel California - Jam On The Mutha
  3. Edge 6 - Sabres of Paradise
  4. Love Come Down (Morales Psychedelic Sannyasin's Dub) - Eve Gallagher
  5. 101 (Intensity Mix) - Finitribe
  6. Give Me Some Love - Love Corporation
  7. Don't Fight It Feel it (Scat Remix) - Primal Scream
  8. I'm Losing More Than I Ever Had - Primal Scream