Mr James Bright aka Hairy Hands

Selections by Mr James Bright aka Hairy Hands

It's all about the little details. Things you miss if you don't have your eyes and ears open. Aside from making music and illustrating, one of my favorite things to do is ride. It's a special experience that tickles the senses. I've never quite managed this trick (pictured left) although I haven't stopped trying to master it. Let's all open our eyes and ears together.


  1. Peter Lyons - Touch Me
  2. Toby Gale - 15 Love
  3. Matthewdavid - Locket (Chi Flip)
  4. Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild
  5. The System - You're in my System
  6. Hairy Hands - Coffin
  7. Dimlite - XY
  8. Sufjan Stevens - Too Much
  9. D33J - Park ( Tape Version )
  10. Dogtanion - House