Gerry Villareal

Selections by Gerry Villareal

In school I spent my RECESS first in comic stores, and then moved on to record stores. Just couldn't afford to maintain both my comic book habit and my burgeoning interest in vinyl. Nowadays time is the luxury that's hard to afford, so taking RECESS with the ones you love is especially important.


  1. So Good Today (feat. The Dap-Kings) - Ben Westbeech
  2. Love & Pain (Kaytranada Remix) - JMSN
  3. Oblighetto (Platurn Scenario Edit) - Brother Jack McDuff
  4. I Love You More - Rene & Angela
  5. Back To Life (LNTG Forbidden Interpretation) - Soul II Soul
  6. Feeling You (feat. Stevie Wonder) - Omar
  7. Sumthin' Sumthin' (ESTA. Remix) - Maxwell
  8. Orchids For The Sun (feat. Quadron) - Leon Ware