Erik The Red

Selections by Erik The Red

Seeds somehow spring to life at just the right time. My mom was planting flowers on the morning of my birth, and my own baby daughter arrived to shine light and luck on me just when I needed it most. We plant seeds every day, most of which are forgotten to decay in the dirt, but the best of which germinate slowly and grow roots, providing what we need most: life, love, immortality and music. This mix is dedicated to the seeds.


  1. DJ Day - Land Of 1000 Chances (Lord Echo's Disco Mix)
  2. Phil Gerus - Better Think Twice
  3. Electric Wire Hustle - Brother Sun feat. Kimbra (Rodi Kirk & Aron Ottignon Version)
  5. Soul Clap - So Sedated feat. Dayonne Rollins
  6. Saran - Tounkan (Captain Planet Remix)
  7. ILLA J - Universe
  8. Parker Madicine - Mazimuth (Mosaic Beats Remix)
  9. Captain Planet - Cicada
  10. Lord Echo - Bohemian Idol (DJ Day's Chair-Bro Remix)
  11. Potatohead People - All The Way
  12. ILLA J - All Good Pt. 2 feat. Moka Only & Ivan Ave
  13. Electric Wire Hustle - March feat. Deva Mahal
  14. Paul Chin - Deep Jupiter (Shigeto Remix)