Enrique Estrella

Selections by Enrique Estrella

Remember when you had RECESS in elementary school twice a day not even counting lunch? Dipping below the radar and dropping out for a few weeks is my idea of RECESS nowadays and most recently spent in the beautiful islands of the Philippines. Smile, enjoy the tunes, and move your hips. It's ok, no one's watching.

Enjoy the mix.


  1. Nicole Willis and The Soul Investigators - Feelin' Free
  2. The Mighty Sceptres - Nothing Seems To Work Right
  3. Falty DL - Straight And Arrow
  4. Darondo - Didnt' I (Dave Allison Remix)
  5. Bosq - Keep Movin'
  6. Lady Zu - Danca Louca
  7. Bosq ft. Nicole Willis - Bad For Me (Late Night Dub)
  8. Voices Of Brazil - Belo Horizonte