Emeka Obi

Selections by Emeka Obi

She beat the sun to the cold streets of Midtown to post up in front of the 34th Street footlocker. She checked the calendar incessantly and and now she's checking her watch to make sure she can cop these Jordan's and still make it in time to her shift at Sephora. She beat the other bleary eyed day breakers to line up for his and hers pairs so you guys can break necks later that night as they take their romance to the laser lit adult playground, Dave and Busters. This is an aural ode to the greatest profession of love that can exist for the life of that love or until the next Jordan release date, whichever comes first.


  1. Twin Shadow - Cupid
  2. Drake - Days in the East (Verzache edit)
  3. Knx - Rounmaiway [TWRK]
  4. Penthouse Penthouse - Let Me See that
  5. Rhianna - Work (Shaq France x Triads)
  6. Dutchboy - West Ting
  7. Drake - Jungle (Masego edit)
  8. saya x rkm - Love
  9. Krs. - Bitches n Hoes
  10. Skywlkr x Dreambeach - Emotions thru Emojis
  11. Jetson - +Archy
  12. West1ne - Love Galore
  13. Goldlink - Dance on me (Lege Kale remix)
  14. Krs. - Frank Joint
  15. Shamana x PRXZ - Losing Interest
  16. Whitley - Nova