Diggs Duke

Selections by Diggs Duke

I move from place to place. I don't go just to visit. Sometimes, I go to live. So, I guess I see everything as one big jumbled RECESS. With every different setting comes a new discovery about one's musical taste. So, this mix represents the taste I've acquired in my travels. Spanning culture and time, the selections share a common thread of individuality, in terms of concepts of rhythm and melody.


  1. Tadd Dameron - "Bevan's Birthday" from The Magic Touch
  2. Owiny Sigoma Band - "Lucas Malore" from Power Punch
  3. Philip Owusu - Goodnight
  4. Diggs Duke - Patiently, We Bloom
  5. Tall Black Guy featuring Diggs Duke - "There's No More Soul" from 8 Miles to Moenart
  6. Jesse and Forever - Always So Much Mystery
  7. Diggs Duke - "Welcome" from Gravity
  8. Thundercat - "Heartbreaks + Setbacks" from Apocalypse
  9. Hilton C. Felton, Jr. - "Spreading Fever" from Family and Friends