Dave Goulding

Selections by Dave Goulding

When navigating London at night, I find the urge to reach out and grab people’s headphone... What is their soundtrack to this moment that strangers share? Music I have never heard before. This short mix is inspired by that dream; unheard music peppered mixed with snippets of the sounds of the night in my city.


  1. Saveme - With You
  2. Angelo Leroi - Faaade
  3. Theodor Black - On God
  4. Mamcvita - Rain (Inperfected)
  5. Knowsum- The Whiff
  6. Snaer - Currents
  7. Leo Bhanji - Jello ft Ye Tekdinner
  8. Quickly Quickly - Solace
  9. Luke Foster - Moon and Sun
  10. Madbliss - 2975 Leeward Ave 24B
  11. Chef Malcolm - Goodbye (You Can Do It)
  12. Crave More - Juvi