Dave Goulding

Selections by Dave Goulding

Man, I loved that red car, cassettes tumbling around down the winding rounds to get there. You have to park up right up the back. Then we walk down the tree-lined path in silence, which opens up to the rocks that fall down to the sea. Climbing down the rocks it takes a while, then we are there, our own personal beach.


  1. Al Green - Simply Beautiful
  2. Barbara McNair - Steal Away
  3. Al Hirt - Harlem Hendoo
  4. Pete La Roca - Turkish Women at the Bath
  5. The Paul Bley Quintet- I Remember Harlem
  6. Hamilton Bohannon - Singing a Song for my Mother
  7. Sonia Rosa - La Chason D'Orphee
  8. Mikey Baker - Pour Monique