Colin Tunstall

Selections by Colin Tunstall

Recess was my favorite part of school as a kid. I still love the moments when you can get all the energy out of your system. Taking a break from your day, connecting with friends, and doing whatever the fuck you enjoy. I'm all over the place.

I have to switch it up, depending on the season I'm looking for trouble.


  1. Charles Bradley - Heart Of Gold (Neil Young cover)
  2. Masta Killa - Nehanda and Cream
  3. Joo Brasil feat Lovefoxx - L.O.V.E. Banana
  4. Funkadelic - I'll Stay
  5. The Liminanas - Je Suis Une Go-Go Girl
  6. Brother Noland - Coconut Girl
  7. Ohio Players - Sweet Sticky Thing
  8. INI - What You Say
  9. Isaac Delusion - Midnight Sun