Chris Long

Selections by Chris Long

I am so tired of waiting,
Aren't you,
For the world to become good
And beautiful and kind?
Let us take a knife
And cut the world in two-
And see what worms are eating
At the rind.

  • Langston Hughes


  1. Kovion Lentäen Kotiin Kaipllan - Kuusumum Profeeta
  2. Prado - To Rococo Rot
  3. Styles Dub - Roots Manuva
  4. Love Dub by Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
  5. Wasser Im Fluss by Thomas Fehlmann
  6. Boccia - Kriedler (Remix by Erik >> MMM)
  7. Sauchiehall Withdrawal by Golden Teacher
  8. Salvador Não Inerte by Virginia Rodrigues