Chris Fussner

Selections by Chris Fussner

I've been playing for about a year, in a sports analogy I'm your friend that plays basketball with you but isn't really any good and keeps showing up to pickup games. This is how I would sound like if I just hopped on the decks at your spot!


  1. Pilita Corrales - Sapagka't Kami'y Tao Lamang
  2. Apocalypse Now OST - Napalm in the Morning (Dialogue)
  3. Kalyanji Anandji - Somebody to Love
  4. The Bauls of Bengal - O Ki Garial Bhai
  5. Beat Konducta Live in India - Get it Right
  6. Khun Narin Electric Phin Band - Lam Phu Thai
  7. Indian Ropeman - Wildstyle Bob's Dope Surprise Mix
  8. Fracture - Loving Touch
  9. Livewire - The Zone
  10. Fake Glasses - Dancehall
  11. John Holt - Police in Helicopter
  12. J Dilla - Fuck The Police