Selections by Center

A true master Domenico DeMarco is known to often say "if you no love it, you no do it." As a child, there's no greater feeling than when the clock strikes and it's time for RECESS, that break from the monotony of the dry school day. That needed time is a chance to escape and refresh the mind's palate. I found that same escape and solace within music at a young age. As I grew with it, I was able to expand my vocabulary, do what I love and love what I do.


  1. D'Angelo - Betray My Heart
  2. Sly5thAve & The ClubCasa Chamber Orchestra - Get Free
  3. Leroy Smart - Mother Liza (Version)
  4. Coco Tea - If Jah Is For Us
  5. Cadenza - How Many Times? (feat. Kiko Bun)
  6. Shaggy - Night Flight
  7. Jackson do Pandeir - Capoeira Mata Um (Tahira - Buraco Velho Edit)
  8. Latinaotearoa - Aldeia de Ogum
  9. iZem - Sadeo (Feat. Feather)