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Launched in 2009, Bridging Education & Art Together (BEAT) is a vibrant arts education nonprofit organization that creates solutions through music and self-expression rooted in Hip Hop culture. The music on this mix was created by the students and teaching artists who have participated in our programs.

To represent and honor our history, I went deep into the archives, to the roots in fact, and unearthed some of the very first recordings Taylor McFerrin made with the students in the Beat Rockers program at the Lavelle School for the Blind in 2011, a track from our Beat Explorers program through a partnership with the Center for Community Alternatives (CCA) serving adjudicated youth AND the last track by our community of Teaching Artists. These tracks are made of samples and recordings of the students throughout the course of that school year.


  1. Carlos on Keys - prod Taylor McFerrin ft: Carlos (who was 9 years old when this was recorded)
  2. Dancefloor - prod Taylor McFerrin ft: Dashaun (10 yrs old)
  3. Young Ones - prod Taylor McFerrin ft: Chloe (8 yrs old)
  4. Drop the Beat - prod Taylor McFerrin ft: Katerina (8 yrs old)
  5. Carlos Jam - prod Taylor McFerrin ft: Carlos
  6. Get Away - JAY EZ
  7. Buju Beatrockers - prod Taylor McFerrin ft: Revelino (18 yrs old)
  8. Beat Rockers Anthem - prod Taylor McFerrin ft: Revelino
  9. Until the Sunrise - Y?, Elijah "E Major" Shippe, Anna Diorio, Ayano Hirose, Forefeather, Arabelle Luke, John Tournas, Bill Moon, Jacob Moon