Anthony Castro

Selections by Anthony Castro

There’s this quote by Paul D Miller that's been stuck in my memory since I first read it somewhere some time, during 90’s NYC: “Give me two turntables and I’ll make you a universe.” I love that metaphor and how it relates to the way I feel about the mixtape as an emotional form of expression connecting everyone to a certain time and space.


  1. Side Effect- Always There
  2. Staple Singers - Slippery People
  3. Was Not Was - Spy In The House Of Love
  4. Jamie Principle - Rebels
  5. Mndsgn - Cosmic Perspective
  6. Loose Ends - Dial 999
  7. Take Three - Tonight’s The Night
  8. Cal Tjader & Eddie Palmieri - Ritmo Uni
  9. Devin Dare - Policy