Anselm Dastner

Selections by Anselm Dastner

I have played lots of deep house tracks lately, but while traveling through Germany this summer I had to pick up new minimal records my friends called “groove noir”. The tracks can be danced to, but mostly I like to listen how they slide in and out of harmonies with waves of sound without any progressive builds or bass drops.
And Benny Fehr & Falco Brocksieper’s “Endeavour” is a great track at the end.


  1. DoubtingThomas - Your Name Here
  2. Margaret Dygas - Ocbinh’s Groove
  3. Fumiya Tanaka - The Myserioud Pocket is Right
  4. Suola & Yaroslav Lenzyak - Caracteristic
  5. Ilario Liburni - Invert
  6. Kaitro - Kotodama
  7. Fumiya Tanaka - Swallowed Memory
  8. Benjamin Fehr & Falko Brocksieper (the Result) - Endeavor
  9. Recondite - Baro