Angelo Baque

Selections by Angelo Baque

Born and raised in NYC. I am NY wherever I travel to on this planet. The mix is titled "Randomness" because that is just what it is. My brain is scattered all day and it is hard for me to concentrate on a genre of music during the day but it plays a major part in my creativity and transcends into all other aspects of emotions. Point is I hope you like it. If not then I guess I suck, not really. Easy.


  1. Shoot You Down - APB
  2. Taste My Dream - Razika
  3. Can I Change My Mind - Alton Ellis
  4. Rusholme Ruffians - The Smiths
  5. Really Love You - The Ambassadors
  6. Choppas On Deck - A$AP Ferg
  7. Ghetto Red Hot - Super Cat