Akihiro Yamamoto

Selections by Akihiro Yamamoto

One spring day, I packed a whole bag of potato chips and a few cans of coke, dropped them on the backseat of my old Ford and drove anywhere... just anywhere. The car was blasting music from the radio and tapes, enjoyed myself as a stranger from town to town.

That was my RECESS...still is.
fb_description: Akihiro Yamamoto for Intermission


  1. All Night - Chris Rainbow
  2. Sparkle - Green Wood
  3. Rock and Rave - Third World
  4. Easy - Al Jarreau
  5. Angel in Your Arms - Hot
  6. Comes and Goes - Dan Fogelberg
  7. Bitch to the Boys - Shakatak
  8. Friday to Sunday - Toshiki Kadomatsu
  9. Proper Stranger - The Guess Who
  10. Ain't No Shadow - Terry Reid