Selections by 4sstro_boi

It's been a really difficult time for me. A loss in my family. Barely being able to keep up with the pace our world is moving. Stressed out, trying to figuring out what truly makes me happy... This Jan 2020 Intermission mix helped me pause, reflect, slowed me down and be with music I love. I'm starting to feel stronger, hopeful... my heart more full.

Photo by Marco Weibel


  1. Vangelis -Abraham’s theme
  2. Neville Brothers - A Change Is Gonna Come
  3. Ralfi Pagan - No Soy De Ti
  4. Grace and Janet - What Can I Do
  5. Alton Ellis - Can I Change My Mind
  6. Ryan Hall - I Can’t Forget About You
  7. Ruddy Thomas & Susan Cadogan - You Make Me Feel So Good
  8. Slim Baton - Never Give Your Heart Away
  9. Billy Stewart - Sitting In The Park
  10. Seal - Whirlpool
  11. Kleer - Happy Me (Monchan Extended edit)